Monday, February 28, 2011

Kelvin wears specs, too!

Few weeks ago, Kelvin started complaining about now seeing faraway things clearly (mostly letters and numbers).  We sort of just brushed it off, saying his eyes might just be tired after playing with the computer. But then the complaints kept coming until one day when he came home he said his teacher suggested he should have an eye check. It seems that he was having difficulty seeing things on the white board. I called HPB to check if he can still go there for eye check up. Unfortunately, they usually just cater to those below 7 yrs old. The customer service officer suggested we either go to the polyclinic or any optical shop. So I called the polyclinic for information and also inquired from the optical shops near our place. It's a toss up between having to queue for hours at the polyclinic, paying around $15 for consultation and going to the optical shops, paying around $20-$25 if not ordering the specs on that shop.

We finally decided to just bring Kelvin to the mall since there were more optical shops there to choose from. We first visited the place where we bought Ira's frames. Eye scanning was free (yes!) and we found out that Kelvin's eye sight was already 100 degrees! He definitely needed to wear glasses. We were in the process of choosing the frames for him when we received an urgent call. I think it was a blessing in disguise cause we decided, after attending to the urgent call, that we could get second opinions from the other optical shops in the mall.

Kelvin had his eye scanned twice - at Capitol Optical and at Better Vision. We finally settled with Better Vision as the customer service person was more attentive to our queries and he was giving more information. He was also the only one (among the 3 shops we checked) who suggested for a more thorough eye check after the scanning. This process has a cost ($29) but is waived if we get his specs done at the shop. We decided since he was already there having his eye checked, and we were contented with the service of the sales people, that we will buy his specs from the shop.

We looked at possible frame designs suitable for Kelvin. But final decision was his. He preferred one that was black and squarish. He settled with a charcoal colored squarish frame which costs $99. The lenses cost $60 (normal, plastic ones). Final bill came up to be $139 with $20 discount, which meant the frame cost us $79. Not bad for a good-looking, durable frame.

 Here is how he looks like now:

our kids both nerdy looking but cute :)

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