Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Success Factors in Child's Learning

All of us parents want our children to do well in their studies to pave the way for their success in the future. Some of us would have probably done their own research on the different methods to do so. Others may be clueless or are still searching for the right combination.

Here are some pointers given to P1 parents during the Parent Engagement Session at Montfort on Feb. 18, 2011:
  • show interest in child learning
  • read with your child (it widens vocabulary and help in composition skills)
  • check homework daily
  • encourage when needed and praise when due
  • be firm when necessary
  • advise your child to follow school rules
  • positive relationships with school, teachers and parents
  • be fair - listen to both sides of the story
  • consistency between school and home in working with the boys

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