Monday, February 21, 2011

P1 Parent Engagement Session (for Ira)

Last Friday (February 18), I attended the parent engagement session for P1. The school officials discussed the changes in P1 assessment (I've written them in a separate blog).

After the discussion at the hall, we headed to the respective classrooms to know more about the Stellar Program and to meet with the respective form and MT teachers.

Feedback for Ira was good. I talked to the MT teacher first (shorter queue). She mentioned that Ira improved tremendously over the last 2 months. There were different activities to teach them hanyu pinyin and Ira is coping well.

In MT spelling, Ira got only a 50 in the first test (which I thought should be the easiest one). Then he improved on the next one (85) and those that followed (100). The teacher thought that maybe Ira was able to peek on his seat-mate's paper during the second spelling test. So on the 3rd spelling test, the teacher purposefully moved Ira to another seat. That was when Ira got 100! The teacher then realized that Ira really improved over time. And she said he will continue to improve as long as he works on his MT. 

As a form of reward for excellent spelling results, the teacher gives something to the students who get 5 perfect scores (100) in spelling. She shared with me that after awarding the rewards to those students who were qualified, she informed the class that there was one student who she felt showed much progress even though he did not get 5 perfect scores. She said she also wanted to reward this boy. I was holding back my tears as the teacher mentioned that it was Ira who showed much progress and was given special reward even if he did not get 5 perfect scores (he only got 3). I remembered that was the time when Ira brought home the magnetic bookmark and he was happy to show it to me. 

From the start of this school year, based also on the feedback of Ira's tutor, I knew that he was going to have difficulty in his MT subject. But I still wanted him to try and what he could do until the end of the school year. So far, his MT teacher said that if he works harder, he will learn more and will do well. I just hope that he does have the same interest and results as Kelvin when he was in P1. For now, whatever results he could get, as long as I know he does his best, will do.

When I was done talking to the MT teacher, I queued up to talk to the form teacher. I was quite worried cause I know how talkative and sociable Ira can be. I can just imagine him talking to his seat-mates while the teacher is discussing something in class. When it was my turn to talk to Mr. Thiru (heart-pounding), he smiled and said "He's ok! He's good!" I was like, "That's it?" in my head. He said Ira participates in class and raises his hands whenever he wants to answer. Although there are times when he talks to his friend, the teacher just calls Ira and then he will pay attention. 

In their star chart (reward for good behavior), he has 2 stars and no star deductions so far. That's good to know. When I got home, I asked Ira how come some of his classmates got 4 stars, he specifically mentioned that it was unfair because the boy who got 4 stars was the class monitor! Hahaha. He really knows how to complain.

Well, so much for the initial feedback on Ira's progress in class. I hope he continues to do well and have interest in all his subjects. Still a long way till the end of the school year.

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