Wednesday, February 16, 2011

School Year 2011 - Term 1

Time flies. We are now on the 2nd month of the school year. Everything has been ok so far for the boys.

With no MT Tuition, Kelvin has been doing quite well in his Chinese spellings. Hopefully, he can study well for his CA1 this coming first week of March. He has also performed good in his English spellings which are very much different from previous years. In P5 their spelling list consists of sentences and paragraphs where they need to memorize ALL the sentences while the teacher only  dictates a portion of the sentences. Got to have good memory for this type of test. His math is more like a review of last year's topics with additional higher level topics. 

As for Ira, he will not have exams this school year. This is part of the changes MOE is doing so students will have a smooth transition period from K2 to P1. He will have formal assessments and other measures which will be discussed further during the meeting this Friday. He often talks of what happens in class, especially if their group (Silver) racks up points. Last week, their group got the most points and each group member was given a small marker. His MT spellings have improved from 50/100 in the first spelling test, to 85 then 100. He himself said that he was improving and he aims to get 100 in the next spelling tests. He also got 100 in his English spelling, but still awaiting results for the succeeding ones (the teacher does not hand over the spelling notebook in time). As for Maths, he can add and subtract and do some simple problem sums. I can say he has adjusted quite well with being sleepy as the only complaint. He just needs to improve on his writing, so I make him do writing exercises everyday (when he doesn't fall asleep in the afternoon).

Can't wait to attend the meeting on Friday and know more about the assessment process for P1s this year. I'm hoping for a good result for term 1 for both of them.

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