Friday, March 4, 2011

Weekend at the Flyer and Outback 2011

Over the weekend, we were finally able to take a ride at the world's largest observation wheel. It was sort of a surprise for the kids, since we haven't been having any family outings for the past few weeks. And Kelvin was preparing for CA1 the following week. We just told them that they need to finish their homework, finalize the review for Kelvin and then dress up at 5pm cause we were going out.

They were quite excited when we got to the Flyer cause they have been wanting to take a ride on it for a long time. It was a fun experience to be on the highest viewing point in Singapore. 

After our Flyer ride, we walked to the mall for dinner at Outback. At first, Ira was throwing tantrums as he wanted to eat at Popeye's. We managed to sway him after a few minutes and some tears. And it paid off.

They enjoyed the food at Outback. Kelvin ordered Fish and Chips while Ira had Chicken Fillet and chips. Mark and I had steak and vegies as side dish. The service was great! The kids got themselves busy with the activity booklet while waiting for food. We were constantly asked if food was ok, our drinks were refilled and we shared stories with the waiter. It was a great night. Good end to the month of February. A post-valentine celebration I could say.

More pictures on our weekend adventure at the Singapore Flyer.

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