Thursday, March 29, 2012

Racial Harmony Day 2011

Last year, I participated in the celebration of Racial Harmony week at Montfort Junior School. On Monday and Tuesday, MJPC in cooperation with the school teachers, set up games booth for Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures. On Wednesday and Thursday, each of the races, with the addition of Eurasian as another featured race, set up booths displaying information about their cultures. There were also colorful displays of musical instruments, traditional costumes, arts and crafts.

I was assigned to help out in the Eurasian booth, together with other parent volunteers like Mydie and Susie. Although it was a bit of a last-minute inclusion to the celebration, we were able to pull off (thanks to Anna for doing most of the research and printing and most of the "muscle work", and to Adeline for helping out in sourcing for traditional costumes) with a presentable booth.

the Eurasian booth

Auntie Mydie and Auntie Susie explaining to the boys about the Eurasian culture and history

the lovely ladies of the Eurasian booth - Susie, Mydie, Anna

take 2, this time with myself :)

it's recess time and the boys came rushing to visit each booth. They were given a small piece of paper to be stamped by a representative of the booth. Once they have completed all 4 stamps, they could go to the table outside the hall to get their prizes.

boys visiting the Chinese booth trying their skills in paper cutting

another MJPC parent volunteer showing the boys how to artistically do paper cutting

the art of Chinese calligraphy

one boy being taught by the teacher and one parent volunteer on the proper way to hold the paint brush

an Indian boy trying Chinese calligraphy. A perfect example of racial harmony

a group of dad volunteers in the Indian booth. They just finished discussing about Indian games and musical instruments with a group of boys.

a showcase of Indian culture

Indian booth wouldn't be complete without Henna tattoos. The boys loved it!

wearing traditional Korean costume

queuing up to get a stamp on his card

traditional costume and modern costume

learning about China and Chinese culture and language

tea time!

showing off his violin playing skills

While the games and information booths were at the hall, downstairs at the canteen were a variety of food from each culture.
pies galore

sweet delicacies and fried snacks

multicultural set of parent volunteers

the favorite chicken rice

At the end of the week, the boys have experienced, learned and tasted different cultures. 

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