Wednesday, August 15, 2012

2012 PSLE Instructions to Candidates handbook

As mentioned in my earlier blog, the school should have handed each P6 pupil the 2012 PSLE Instructions to Candidates handbook issued by SEAB. Below is the photo of the front page of the handbook.

This handbook is indeed very handy and very informative. We should go through with the contents of this handbook with our P6 children before they take PSLE. This will not only help them prepare the supplies needed to take the exams but also their psyche.

Topics such as exam regulations, exam format, use of dictionaries and calculators, what to do if students are unable to take their exams, withdrawal from PSLE, results and certificates, as well as full details of the exams timetable are included in the handbook.

Don't forget to verify if your children have the approved scientific calculators and dictionaries in the lists provided (Annex B and C). They also need to have the gadgets stamped by the school for use during the PSLE.

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