Friday, September 7, 2012

PSLE: the final 3 weeks

School holiday is almost over. Final revisions have to be done.

Four days after they go back to school P6 students will be sitting for their Listening Comprehension exams (14 September, Friday).

Less than two weeks after that, they will be taking their first paper, English (27 September, Thursday), followed by Maths (28 September, Friday).

Given a 2-day break over the weekend, they will sit for the last 2 papers, Mother Tongue (1 October, Monday) and Science (2 October, Tuesday). After which they will have their well-deserved holiday - Children's Day (5 October, Friday)!!!

Let's give our 100% support and motivation to our children. They need it now more than ever (at least for this phase in their life).

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