Monday, December 10, 2012

A Cruise to Remember

Finally, we were off to our first cruise experience on-board Costa Victoria for the December school holidays. Little did my husband know that I had something more than family fun in mind. 

I was thinking of doing renewal of vows on our 10th anniversary which was last year (for church wedding, that is). Yeah, I know, this is usually a "guy thing" but hubby isn't really the type who would orchestrate such an "event".  The idea also came about during a conversation with my sis-in-laws last year (supposed to be during our December holiday in Hong Kong, and a group renewal of vows kind), but our husbands were not "cooperative" enough. And so I left this romantic fantasy behind.

Then it came upon me. This was going to be our first cruise experience, and what better way to make it more memorable than to have our renewal of vows on-board! Scenes from The Love Boat show were flooding my mind. Couples being united by the captain of the ship, then witnessing the sunset while wrapped in each others arms standing at the bow. I try not to think about the Titanic romance though, it ended in tragedy. I probably had very good vibes days towards departure that I felt nostalgic, and wanted to do something romantic in return for all the wonderful memories and one-of-a-kind escapades hubby and I had.

A week before sailing date, I emailed the Costa Victoria representatives and inquired about a possible renewal of vows on-board. I was hoping the ship captain can officiate our renewal of vows and, more importantly, that it wouldn't cost me that much (hahaha). After a few exchanges of emails, I was told to contact the ship Guest Relations Manager for the final arrangements. I got excited and nervous at the same time. Was I really going to pull this off? I am not used to keeping secrets from my husband, and this was a really big secret.

Day 1 of the cruise, I was determined to meet the GRM, Anna, but she was busy with the guests coming in and events happening during the day. I had either the night, 8pm, or the following morning to talk to her. As I didn't want hubby to suspect anything, I decided I can meet her the following morning, before we explore Malacca. 

Morning came, I headed to Anna's office to ask about the arrangement. She was actually waiting for me, but said she has not gotten the final confirmation from the captain yet regarding the schedule. She actually had to research about the renewal of vows on the ship because that was the first time they were going to have such an event at Costa Victoria. Good thing based on her research then can do it and the captain has the authority to do so. Whew!

Most likely the renewal of vows was going to happen before the gala cocktail, around 530pm at the chapel. She said she was going to leave a note in our cabin for the invitation. That made me anxious - I didn't want to mess things up and I always want plans to be polished and have alternative plans just in case. But in this case, I had to go with what available time the captain has. And pray that we can make this happen without hubby having any clue about it.

So off we were to Malacca, then back. Had lunch. Went swimming with the boys at the top deck pool. I had 530pm in mind, but since there was no confirmation yet I really wasn't sure if it's going to happen that day. I had to be ready just in case. I told the boys we had to be back in the cabin by 430pm, latest by 5pm, because we have to be early at the gala night.

But then it was already 5pm and we were still at the jacuzzi, talking to a fellow passenger about life in Singapore! I was almost panicking at that moment. I was constantly looking at my watch and finally told hubby that we should go back to the cabin and start preparing for the gala night.

When we arrived at the cabin, I rushed in and found the invitation for renewal of vows. Of course, I didn't let hubby see it, but informed him we were invited to go to the chapel ASAP before heading to the Festival Lounge.

The invitation didn't indicate the time so I wasn't sure if it was going to be at 530pm. I had to wait for hubby to take his turn in the bathroom before I could call the information desk to confirm the timing with Anna. She wasn't at her office anymore. I was really panicking then. I am almost sure they were already making their way to the chapel - and we were still not dressed! It was formal night - the boys wore long sleeved shirts and black shoes. It was a first for my boys.

Anna called in a few minutes and said they were waiting at the chapel. I got dressed so fast that I didn't really make myself pretty enough for the event. I rushed hubby and he was asking why there was a need to be at the chapel for gala night. I just said we were invited by the GRM.

When we got into the chapel, the crew - Anna together with the captain and others - were waiting to welcome us. They were all smiles, congratulating us for the event that was about to happen (which hubby was still clueless about).

We were ushered to the chapel. Hubby was "briefed" about what was going to happen. He went with it (thank, God!). Everyone was dressed to kill (as the saying goes). Then the captain brought us to the altar and commenced the ceremonial renewal of vows.

Captain Alfredo Romeo officiating our renewal of vows on-board Costa Victoria.
"Yes, I do".

cheers to more years together

it's official, we have renewed our commitment, to cruise to the unknown, 
for another 10 years or so.

renewal of vows at sea

I'm so happy I thought of doing this. It made our cruise experience a very eventful one. We have photos and a certificate to help us remember. And memories to cherish forever.


  1. Hello Ate Karen! You moved me to tears!:-) nice blog. I have a blog too....craft related though. Do drop by...see you there...

  2. Hi Margaret! Pano mo nakita tong blog ko? Thanks for appreciating our story / my blog.

    I will definitely drop by your blog. I am also interested in crafts. See you there!


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