Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Scrapbook for Kelvin

I couldn't have thought of a better gift for Kelvin when he graduated in P6 than a scrapbook full of memories from his 6 years in primary school. Here is a glimpse of my simple, full-fledged scrapbook.
the cover page - simple. Used sticker foam letters

I cut out some of the scrapbook pages I bought and arranged them to make this page.
Cut out Kelvin's photo where he was looking back. This was taken during his bronze swimming test.

sporting his first back pack in preparation for P1

logo, contact details, motto and photo of St Louis Mary de Montfort - his Alma Mater,
Montfort Junior School - a Catholic school.

Photo on his own taken while waiting for his school bus at around 620am. 
I cut out his name tag from his old uniform.
The other photo he was with his buddy - a student who assists the P1s 
as they slowly familiarize themselves with primary school life.

one of the programmes in school when he was in P1 was career awareness.
He went with his dad to the office to see what it was like to be a telco engineer.

a collage of photos taken during his 7th bday celebration.
I also saved stickers, name tags and invitation cards from his birthday. 
It was themed (isn't it obvious?) Thomas the Train.
Thomas was a big hit way back in 2007.

the characteristics of a Taurian - that's what Kelvin is.

notes of praises and motivation from his form teacher, Mdm Tay

P1 class photo

We were there to witness his First Reconciliation - one of the sacraments he has to fulfill
as a Catholic

proud moment as ended up top of the class in P2

the whole family was there to witness the awarding ceremony,
and his little brother, Ira, was there to cheer on him

celebrating 8th bday with his brother by his side

P2 class photo

after a year of swimming lessons, he took and passed the bronze level test

his First Holy Communion
Now he can come with us during communion to receive Christ

P3 class photo

first (and last) time to participate in Cold Storage Fun Run.
The whole family, including Tita Malou, was there to watch and cheer for him and the school team.
They received an award for having the 2nd highest number of participants.

held at Singapore Science Centre, on the other side of Singapore.
Ira and I took the almost 1hr train ride just to be able to see him and his team compete.
But we weren't able to see him in action.

P4 class photo

first week of P5 and he was already off for a 2N camp

the goal was for the students in each class to get to know their classmates
and work as a team

their teachers were also there to share the experience with them

the different activities he participated in when he was in P5

his take on pointilism

celebrating his 11th birthday

at P5, he started wearing glasses

P5 classmates in their wacky poses

2012 - year of the dragon.
His year. The time that he was taking PSLE.

a class party 

boys just wanna have fun
Thanks to their teachers for making this possible.

during open house, Kelvin was chosen to be one of the participants to have a Science booth. 
Theirs was about plant reproduction. Thanks, Ms Han, for the opportunity given to him.

skipped 100 and brought home a medal

several post-PSLE activities

Seashore Life Program - one of the activities all P6 boys had to go through.
Environmental awareness and care. They are doing their part in taking care of mother earth.

our journey to SJI for their open house

the last Racial Harmony Celebrations before leaving the school.
It was extra memorable because of this trishaw ride with his friends.

birthday celebration at his choice of fast food.
Lola sent in a birthday banner.

as he grew older, his appetite also grew bigger

he progressed from a kiddy bike (in P1) to an adult bike (in P6)

model student for receiving stars in class.
Thanks again for encouraging words, Mdm Tay. She was there to praise and inspire him in P1.
We are both thankful she was there as his form teacher for his final 2 years in primary school.


my boy is now slowly becoming a man

the world (symbolized by the Singapore Flyer) is at the palm of his hands

thank you, Montfort, for these values taught in school

till we meet again...

Aside from the pages that I've created, I also handed out small pieces of decorative paper to his classmates and friends so they could write him messages to remember them by. And although we usually expect friend notes from girls, I'm glad that his friends/classmates were kind enough to leave him memorable messages of their times together in primary school. Some were even his friends since P1. I also asked his teachers for their messages to him, and they obliged - with words of wisdom, encouragement and well wishes.

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