Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Journey with MJPC

It all began in 2007 when Kelvin was in P1. A Filipino mom "recruited" me to perform library duties once a week. She said it would be a good experience for me, to get to know the boys  in school and the teachers better. Since I still have a preschooler to attend to, my library duties weren't as regular as I hoped for. Few hours a month was all I could do that time.

When both boys attended the same school in 2011, it gave me more opportunity to be an active parent volunteer. And by active I mean really ACTIVE. I was there in almost all events, as long as I was free. There were even times I was in school for activities/school programs for the whole week! That's commitment - to the boys, to the programs/activities, to my fellow parent volunteers. My co-parent volunteer, and Exco Vice Chairperson Amie, informed me in one of the meetings that after tallying PV participation throughout the year, I came out tops! 

After some time, I was given bigger roles like being the PV-in-charge for the day, to the PV-in-charge of the Lego Room, to being the appointed secretary of MJPC. I had big shoes to fill. I knew there were expectations to live up to. But I knew I can only contribute what I am capable of.

During the last general meeting, parent volunteers gathered to elect the next batch of MJPC Exco. Initially, I was asked to remain as the secretary, and I agreed with the support of fellow PVs. But things took a different turn when some of the Exco members discussed (actually, gave secret signals) that I am better off as Special Events Coordinator. I knew it was going to be a big task with several events to plan every year. I hesitated, knowing that some of the people I worked with in the past were not going to be active volunteers anymore (eg. their sons have graduated, or for other personal reasons). I took me quite some time to agree with their nomination (not that I'm being a diva, but I wouldn't want to agree to something I knew I wouldn't be able to deliver), until someone suggested that there should be 2 people filling in the position. With a partner to do these big events, I had more confidence that things can be done. And so I accepted the nomination, and was elected as Special Events Coordinator together with Annie.

Most of the newly-elected Exco members were quite new in this field, and in the Exco. We all had doubts in our capacity to fulfill our duties. We all had our reservations. We were somehow charging into the unknown. We were frantically over-planning in the beginning. But as each event passed, we began to adapt to our new responsibilities. We got to know each other well. We were able to work with each other seamlessly. Event after event, we kept going on. Tapping each others potentials (and sometimes pleading for help). But most of the times, the help came naturally. We knew we had a good team going. Not only between Exco members but among other parent volunteers as well. They were our lifelines.

All the worries and doubts we had in the beginning slowly melted away. We became good friends, great allies. The duties were fun times with the boys and with each other, and we would sometimes end up having lunch or snack after, to continue with the stories about parenting and what nots.

Who would have known that my married and family life would revolve mostly around my volunteering activities, aside from the usual parenting and marital matters? These experiences have somehow added to the excitement and value to my life as a stay-at-home-mom. 

It's difficult to name names as there will definitely a long list of them. But I am thankful to all the mommies, and dads, who are part of this group we call MJPC. I've learned, I've laughed and I'm sure I'll definitely treasure all of them.

taken during the recent Open House 

with a record-breaking 60++ parent volunteers who signed up for Olympic Fun Day

97th Founders Day together with an ex-Montfort Junior parent volunteer (and friend), Ms Chye (MJS principal), and Amie (Exco Vice Chairperson)

job well done for International Friendship day

one of the after-school duty get-togethers

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