Thursday, June 4, 2015

Pentatonix: On My Way Home Concert, Singapore

Our hands are stinging
Our ears are ringing
Our voices are a bit hoarse from all the screaming (and singing along)
That goes to show how much we enjoyed PENTATONIX' singing!

From the time the announcement to turn off hand phones (before the group came out) to the time the group performed their last song (how we wish it wouldn't end), everyone's adrenaline was on all-time high. The Star Performing Arts Centre was transformed from an empty concert venue into one packed with fans of all ages. There were groups of teenage friends, groups of young girls, couples in their golden age, and families like me and my son.
one of the early birds. No, we are not excited.

Although the concert started 30mins late, around 8pm, it was all worth the wait. They started off with "Problem" which got me moving in my seat. It was followed by a medley of songs they have covered for the past few years. Then there was "Telephone", "Lalalatch" (definitely a big hit to everyone), "Let Me Love You", "Rather Be", the French song "Papa Ou Te", "Aha" and a lot more. Kelvin performed a special number playing his cello and beat boxing at the same time while their sing off history video was shown in the background

They also sang a new song (4 5 Seconds) as they walked around the theatre closer to their fans. Unfortunately, the security cordoned off the second half of the area so not everyone could shake their hands. There was also a time when Mitch took a picture of the audience and posted it on their instagram (ptxofficial). Kelvin showed me the photo immediately after he saw it pop in his instagram account. 

A surprise song they did was "Uptown Funk" and everyone went crazy. It was a famous Bruno Mars song and Kelvin and I have not heard them do it before (and i think so did the rest of the crowd). The beat was just so inviting. Everyone almost wanted to get on their feet and dance.

A ritual on every concert (according to Kelvin) was that the group brings a female fan on stage and sings to her. During this concert, they chose someone who was sitting just a few rows from the stage and sang "Let's get it on" to her, led by Scott. Everyone was jealous, of course! I even made a joke of going in front to be the "chosen one" but I wouldn't really want to embarrass my teenage son.

Another crowd favorite, and Kelvin's too, was the "Evolution of Music" which was one of the videos we watched at home just before leaving for the concert. Pentatonix said it was one of the most difficult medley they have ever done. It covers music genre from the 1600 up to the 2010s and they did perfectly well!

One of the most moving parts of the concert was when the group told their story, from when Scott, Kirstie and Mitch started the group and found Avi and Kevin before joining sing off. A month after winning sing off (which we were able to watch, by the way), they were dropped by their record label (I bet they are beating themselves now) and they decided to upload videos of them covering several popular songs. This was what led to their success. A new record label took care of them and the rest is history. Thank goodness they didn't give up. It would have been such a waste of their talents and a loss to us if we weren't able to listen to them perform.

Another exciting part of the concert (aside from the rest of the night when we were listening to them do what they do best) was when they divided the audience into 3 groups - one each for Scott, Kirstie and Mitch. This was for the song "On My Way" which also happens to be the title of their concert tour. Kelvin and I were in Team Scott singing "I'm on my way" while Team Mitch got the part "ohohohoh" and Team Kirstie got "I'm on my way" (lower version). Kelvin and I looked at each other and belted out to the top of our lungs (he probably sounded better than I did). Audience participation at it's best (except for the 3 ladies sitting in front of us who seemed to be in the wrong place because they weren't joining in the fun).

From the very first note to the very last, Pentatonix gave it all their best. The fans couldn't contain themselves, me and my son included. Screams of cheer and admiration filled the air every time Avi hit those out of this world low notes or when Scott sang swoon-worthy songs with that voice of his or when Kirstie belted out unbelievably outrageous tunes or when Mitch hit those crazy high notes or when Kevin played his cello and beatbox at the same time (ok... so that accounts for more than 98% of the show). How I wish that night wouldn't end. My son and I could listen to them everyday.

But the concert has to come to an end. Pentatonix bid farewell, thanked their fans and left the stage. The crowd was not ready to go yet and had not gotten enough of this very talented group of musicians. What better way to bring them back on stage than to sing / chant what we were all taught just a few minutes before they left the stage:

(ohohohohoh) I'm on my way / I'm on my way
(ohohohohoh) I'm on my way / I'm on my way

We waited and waited and there they were back on stage again. Nothing felt better than seeing them there again.

At the group's request, there was total silence in the concert hall as they sang "That's Christmas To Me" with only a mic to be shared by them. That was the most solemn (and quiet) part of the night. A perfect way to "cool down" after an hour and a half of singing and dancing to their beat even if it was just on our seats.

The finale was the upbeat "One More Time" which brought the house down and the crowds of PTX-crazy fans up on their feet and dancing the night away. What a way to end this a cappella extravaganza. We didn't want the night to end but as they saying goes, all good things come to and end.

I'd say this is the best mother-son bonding activity by far. And the best a cappella group ever!

we're on our way there
The Star Vista - Performing Arts Theatre

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