Friday, November 13, 2009

Double Celebration - Kelvin's Prize-Giving Ceremony

This is the other half of the double celebration.

We had to get up early, good thing Ira was feeling a little bit better than yesterday. We had to be at Montfort by 10am so we can get good seats. Kelvin was informed to be there by 10:15am or else he won't be allowed to receive his award!

We were there quite early and waited for a long time before the program started. Anyway, after a few more minutes, we were able to see Kelvin on stage, receiving his "prize" for being the first in his class.  
Kelvin receiving his prize

 We were wondering what prize was. It was a rectangular object and was gift-wrapped. Is it a plaque? or a medal in a box? A picture frame to put his awarding ceremony photo? 
Kelvin opened his prize after the ceremony and voila! it was a book. Not really what we had in mind as a prize for being the top in the class (cause in the Philippines he would have received a gold medal), but it was a good gift because there were some activities that we as a family can do together.

After the ceremony, we had some snacks at the canteen then headed to Plaza Singapura. We still had to look for Kelvin's reward - either a PSP or a digital watch or maybe something else. He was undecided. But he said the PSP was too expensive.

All the best in your primary school life, Kelvin!

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