Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kelvin in P3 (2009)

Primary 3 was said to be a big jump from P2. And indeed it was. 

In P3 they have one additional marked subject - Science. The exam in Science, if I would compare it to that in the Philippines, is very much different and more difficult. They don't just get information from text books. The children should also read other references and should have a wide knowledge on the topics covered. The exams are not just easy multiple choice questions. Some would even require the students to have conclusions based on the situations given or experiments presented.

Kelvin struggled in the 2nd and 3rd terms but was able to perform well enough to get satisfactory marks at the end of the school year.

Kelvin's results were finally out (November 16). Here are his marks from the report card:

English -  Band 2
Math -  Band 2
MT chinese - Band 2
Science -  Band 2
Social studies - A
Art - A
Civics and moral education - A
Health education - A
Music - B
Physical education -  A

Total = 226/300

Promoted to class P4B (which is the 2nd highest section daw according to his form teacher)
Conduct = very good

His performance was satisfactory, although I think he could have done better (the high expectation mom that i am). His form teacher said he needs to work extra hard next year so he can improve his marks.

I was very happy though, we he received an award (which the teacher did not inform me about during our meeting). He got the Certificate of Achievement 2009 - Best in Progress. He was the only one to receive this award in the class.

I'm glad his hardwork has paid off and that he was proud and happy.

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