Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby Boy Ira

It was a Friday morning, 12 November 2004. I was feeling some pain on my feet and back. I suspected this might be the day as the pain goes back every now and then.

At around 6am, I got up and timed the "contractions". The intervals were around 5 minutes each time. I decided that we should go for a check up before I go to work. I always have my admission papers (for the hospital) in my bag in case of emergency.

On the way to the hospital, the contractions were getting worse. I felt irritating pain, like being electrocuted, on my legs and my back. But I was still not convinced that I was going to give birth today. When I got to the clinic, my gyne sort of scolded me for not heading straight to the hospital! She said I was already in labor. Well, so much for not having labor pains during my first pregnancy, I was clueless.

Hubby and I took a cab to the hospital. I was admitted and wheeled in to the delivery suite around 930-10am. I have been having contraction intervals closer to each other and the pain was beginning to be more unbearable. But I was not in the right "opening" yet. To add to that, because of my first delivery conditions (my spinal column bones are too close to each other) I couldn't have epidural. So I had to bear with the pain with just the "gas" to rely on, which didn't help that much.

Since we realized I was not going to deliver soon, I told hubby to go home and have lunch first. He also had to bring the maternity bag to the hospital.

Around 6pm, and I was on the verge of bringing our bundle of joy out into the world. But no matter how much I push, he won't come out naturally. Ergo, I had an assisted delivery - vacuum. In no time, he was out!

We named him Ira Zachary. He had chubby cheeks, was a bit reddish, has ample hair and was ready to breastfeed! We were all delighted to have him in our family.

Kelvin was so excited to see his baby brother.  During their visits, he would always ask to go to the nursery and have Ira be brought to the room so he could see him and just admire him. He was a good Kuya.

After 2 days, we checked out. Mt Alvernia has a chapel and Ira was prayed over and given a blessing by a nun before we left the hospital.

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