Tuesday, January 5, 2010

SPI School Bags

When Kelvin was in P1, we were thinking what bag he should use, knowing that kids here carry A LOT of books everyday to school. The bag should be sturdy and light. And it should be good for his back. There were a lot of bags and brands to choose from. But this specific brand caught our attention - SPI. It's an ergonomic bag brand from Hong Kong.

Here are the selling points for this bag:

Helps Eliminate Back Strain and Back in Kids
The ergonomic school bag provides both support and padding where it is needed and removes any heavy loading from specific areas

Promotes Excellent Posture
By allowing the child to comfortably wear the back pack properly, there is no need to slouch or lean awkwardly whilst the school bag is in use

Medically Endorsed
Ergonomic School Bags are endorsed by the Chiropractic Doctors Association of Hong Kong
Tried and Tested
Ergonomic School Bags are the result of years of research and development. Feedback from thousands of customers around the world has been analysed optimised and refined before being incorporated into or our products.
Quality Assured
Our focus is not just upon visual appeal or ergonomic principles. We also require the highest quality standards.


Kelvin's SPI bag in Primary 1 - Get Set design, small size. Bought it at a discounted price of $105 (if I remembered it correctly). Found it at Takashimaya Department Store but they didn't have any stock for color black. So we had to go down to Centrepoint and get one from there. I could say that it was a good buy. The bag is sturdy. There are compartments for books, notebooks and stationery. I guess he was carrying too much load for the next 3 years. One of the shoulder straps was sort of ripped from the main bag (but I think it could still be mended, in time for Ira's use next year :) ).

Now, Kelvin is in Primary 4. I thought he could use a new and bigger bag. SPI bag was still my choice (and his). This is because even though the bag is more expensive than others, it really is durable. No point in buying a $30 bag that you replace every 6 months or every year. In the end, it will even cost you more.

We chose the Active design, large size.

Again, we found the design at Takashimaya Department Store, hoping for a good deal since it was end of the year (Christmas sale). Unfortunately, they didn't have the blue color. I called the nearest shop they have (Kinder Fun at Centrepoint) but they were out of stock for this color. Then I called Kinder Fun at United Square. Luckily, they still had some stock. I reserved one for Kelvin. We picked it up 2 days after. The pricing was the same as in Takashimaya $119. I think it was a good  deal considering it was already $30 off (original price is $149).

Features of SPI backpacks:

The contoured back cushion gives extra support in the most vunerable areas and ensures a cooling flow of air

U-Shaped shoulder straps ensure even weight distribution, releiving pressure on the neck, shoulders and back

Adjustable straps allow a snug fit to be obtained

Anti abrasive base ensures a long working life for the backpack

It is robust but lightweight - it keeps its shape even when empty and weighs less than 1.2Kg

The reflective material and 3m Scotch Lite piping helps visibility in low light conditions

Just one reminder to Kelvin: always take care of his bag because he is supposed to use it for the next 3 or so years :)

And another thing, he should do well in school.


  1. This is clearly a paid advertorial.

  2. @cookie77, i wish that was the case :) I would have gotten so much from it! But this is just all about sharing what I have experienced about this product. It's a good one so I think it's worth sharing.

  3. @PLOOPLY! , these bags are sold at Takashimaya (around toys area). You can get a brochure from there to find out where the other stores are. It's mainly distributed by Kinder Fun, I think. The brochure is from them. I'll see if I can find my copy and post it here.


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