Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kelvin's Orientation Day @ Montfort

17 Nov 2006 was the orientation day at Montfort Junior School - Kelvin's primary school for the next school year. Mark took a leave so we could all go and attend. We, or at least I, were excited because it's like turning over Kelvin to his new "family". It's actually not a very hard thing for him to adjust to having a new school since he has already been to 3 different schools since playgroup. And we have always been talking to him about having a new school since the registration for pri 1 started. He was actually quite excited when we told him he was going to Montfort for Primary 1. We told him it was an all-boys school and that he needs to ride the bus everyday going to school. We also told him that he needs to wake up early every weekday morning next year because the bus needs to pick him up around 6:30am. Yes, that early!

Orientation day coincided with his last day in kindergarten. They were going to have a party so they can say goodbye to their friends for the last time before the school holidays. We didn't want him to miss the chance to bid farewell and spend a little more time with his friends. We all woke up early and got dressed and went to his school at 8am. We let him play with his friends and took some pictures of them together. We left him there for about 20mins so he can join the party even for a short time. Then picked him up at 8:45am, just in time to take the bus and get to Montfort at 9am for the orientation.

At the school, we checked his student number, class and house - 096, P1F, Blue. Then sent him to his class together with his new friends. The rest of the morning was spent listening to talks by the different school officials. It was quite a tiring day. But Kelvin enjoyed meeting some of his new classmates. Ira enjoyed running around the hall while we were trying to pay attention to what was being discussed by the officials - quite hard you know.

That's it for Kelvin's orientation day. Next week we will be back to Montfort for the school buzz - to know about the school's WINGS program and other forms of teaching.

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