Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Singapore Coin Sorter

01 October 2009
Carrefour, Suntec City

I have been looking for a Singapore coin sorter / coin bank for quite sometime now. I saw one from an acquaintance a year ago. I thought it would be good for the kids to have one.

Good thing we went to Suntec City during Children's Day. I saw these coin sorter cum coin bank on our way to the cashier.

I asked the boys what design they wanted. Kelvin chose the panda while Ira chose the bear.

The coin bank sorts Singapore coins - $1, 50 cents, 20 cents and 10 cents.

Good thing about this coin bank is that the kids could easily count their money. They know if the coin bank section is full. Then they hand it over to me to exchange for a bill :)

A fun way of teaching them how to save and recognize coins.

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