Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ira in the pool

Ira, like older brother Kelvin, was introduced into the water quite early (as soon as he could walk). We would always bring him along when Kelvin was taking his swimming lessons in P1 (Ira was only 3 years old then). 

At first he would just play around with Kelvin at the kiddy pool, splashing water at each other. Then he learned to go down the slide (in the pool). After sometime, he got bored in the kiddy pool so we moved on to the training pool where Kelvin was taking his lessons. Ira couldn't reach the floor on that pool but it did not deter him from having fun.

Few more weeks and Kelvin advanced to the lap pool which was also the deep pool (from 4-6 meters deep). We followed with Ira in tow. He would just hang on the side of the pool at first. Then we would tell him to try and kick his legs so he could start to float and swim. 

It didn't take him that long to learn. And he wasn't really scared no matter how deep the pool was. From then on we would just stay at the lap pool and he would do different tricks. 

He enjoys the deep pool more than the kiddy pool. Although sometimes he would still go to the kiddy pool to go to the slides and play in the water fountains.

Here is a video of Ira when he was 4 years old. He could already swim almost half of the lap pool (cross-wise). that would be around 3-4meters, I think. There were times the lifeguards would check on him, of course, because he was too small. But as they see us there almost every week, they have learned to let him be, as long as we were there watching over him.

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