Friday, February 5, 2010

Kelvin's First Holy Eucharist

September 13, 2009
St. Anne's Church

Weeks before the First Communion, the catechists have been preparing the children for the upcoming event. There were projects to do, prayers to learn, etc etc.

One project is the First Communion banner.
The materials were given by the catechists during the meeting with the parents.
I also printed out additional decorations which Kelvin chose online.

For the event, the children were asked to wear white. We bought Kelvin a white long sleeved shirt and a new pair of black jeans. I also wore a white long sleeved top with floral stitches.

We were at the church early as I volunteered to assist the catechists in bringing the children from St Anne Hall to the church. We also wanted to get good seats :)

a happy boy

we gave Kelvin a First Communion Gift Pack - a rosary with container, scapulars, mass book and bookmark. Got it from the shop in the church.

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