Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kelvin in P1 (2007)

Being in Primary 1 was a big leap for Kelvin. It was the start for him to be more independent in school. He was in a new environment - both socially and academically. And it was quite a big challenge. Good thing the school has a buddy system wherein every P1 student is paired with an Upper Primary student to guide them for a week or so.

Everyday he would ride the school bus to school and back home. The bus would pick up him up around 620am and he should be in school before 730am. Montfort Junior is a single session school so Kelvin spends half of his day there until 130pm.

He had 10 subjects in all including Math, English, Mother Tongue (Chinese),. The first 3 subjects were marked numerically (50-100) and classified into bands (highest being 1, lowest being 4). The other subjects were marked alphabetically.

At the end of the year, Kelvin got satisfactory marks:
English - 91 - Band 1
Math - 83 - Band 2
Chinese - 92 - Band 1

He even got a higher mark in Chinese than in English and Math! We're really proud of him.

He was ranked 8th among 30 students.

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