Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kelvin in P2 (2008)

Class P2H
Form Teacher: Mrs Shobhana Vijayakumar

For P2, exam schedules and percentage weight as follows:

1st Term: Formal Assessment (5%)
2nd Term: Semestral Assessment1/ SA1 (25%)
3rd Term: Continual Assessment 2 / CA2 (20%)
4th Term: Semestral Assessment 2 / SA2 (50%)

1st Semester Results
English - Band 1
Math - Band 2
Chinese - Band 2

List of subjects and final marks for P2 below:
He improved his marks in Chinese and Math towards the 3rd and 4th Terms.

Overall results for P2 was excellent. He was 3rd in class during the first semester and finished at the top of his class at the end of the school year. 

Way to go, Kelvin. Keep up the good work.

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