Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ira's first day in P1 (2011)

It's the big day - the start of the new school year, and Ira's first day in primary school. I was quite excited and a bit worried. We have been discussing his wake up time and he suggested it should be 4am since he knew he was hard to wake up. Kelvin used to wake up at around 5-530am when he was taking the school bus. Fortunately, on the first day, Ira woke up quite early. I was just finished making his breakfast (chicken pop corn) when I came back to the room to wake him up. He was already awake! He was probably too excited also to really sleep through the morning.

eating his breakfast - chicken popcorn and milk

After having his breakfast, he took a bath (another concern of mine last year since I used to bathe him and he didn't want to shower by himself. Good thing he decided to be independent just before the Christmas season)., brushed his teeth, and then I helped him dress up.

We were quite early, 6am and he was already dressed up. It was not until 620am till the bus came. He was ready for school. The rest of us followed with Kelvin, and took a commuter bus.

a bit sleepy while waiting for the national anthem

mood change

preparing to go to the classroom

with his Filipino classmate Andre
They have been partners since orientation day.

P1E boys getting ready

to the classroom we go

recess time with Buddy Isaiah, also a Filipino. 
A very nice boy. He is quite responsible for a P2. 

thanks for guiding Ira on the first day, Isaiah

After eating his snack, I asked him to go to the courtyard to see Daddy. They talked for a few minutes and he was off to explore his new school. He actually didn't need that much orientation as far as school grounds are concerned as he is quite familiar with the school since he has been visiting the school every time Kelvin has an activity. I can say he adjusted quite well on his first day.

recess time is done. Queuing up before going back to the classroom

After dismissal, we decided for him not to take the school bus home so we could all have lunch together, with Kelvin, too.

lunch at Kopitiam

daddy with Kelvin, who is already in P5

So much for our boys' first day in school in 2011. Hoping they can cope well and enjoy the rest of the year with new friends and teachers.

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