Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Montfort Junior School's P5 level camp 2011

Last year, at P4, Kelvin attended the 3 day, in-school, day camp. This was in preparation for this year's 3day-2night P5 level camp - Montfort's year-starter tradition to promote interaction among teachers and students. It's a way for the teachers to get to know the boys, and vice versa. 

In November, the school held a camp briefing for the parents wherein details like dates, location, expectations and activities were discussed. Here are some of the details:

Camp Objectives
  • to foster class spirit with "faith in one another" amongst the students and their respective form/subject teachers
  • to engage the students in understanding the philosophy of Olympism (friendship, respect, excellence)
  • to provide a viable platform for the students to apply the lessons learnt in the A.C.E.S. programme (Adventurer, Camper, Explorer, Survivor)
Camp Activities
  1. Adventurer - rock climbing
  2. Knottings - gladiator
  3. Cooking - backwoodsmen cooking
  4. Explorer - nature ramble
  5. Survivor - rafting
  6. Orienteering - map reading
  7. ACES - challenge valley
  8. Personal Target Setting and Reflection processes
  9. Campfire
The camp fee is $105 inclusive of camp photos in CD-R, Camp Tee (souvenir), live update website, specially tailored camping programme, 3 sets of specially catered meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper (all halal, some vegetarian), prizes for campers (Best Performing Group and Best Camper for each group), 24 hrs first aid coverage with transportation facilities.

The parents also visited the campsite at Sarimbun Scout Camp (70 Jalan Bahtera Singapore 719921). We took a chartered bus from Montfort to and from the campsite. It was a very long journey going there and the bus driver got lost! After taking several wrong turns, we finally arrived at the campsite. The camp organizers gave us a tour of the grounds and a glimpse of what activities the kids will be doing. As of press time (feeling like a reporter), I cannot post the pictures taken at the camp yet but will do once the camp is over.

At the end of the day, I felt excited for Kelvin because I knew it was going to be such an unforgettable experience for him and his friends. 

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