Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ira's P1 Orientation Day

Before the end of the year last year (2010), most schools have already held their orientation programs for incoming P1 students for 2011. We attended Ira's orientation at Montfort. 

He was more excited to see who his new friends will be because he is already quite familiar with the school grounds having visited Kelvin there for the past 4 years. I was actually not worried much about Ira cause he has excellent social skills - meaning he can be in a room with strangers and still be able to mingle, play and talk with no problems. 

When we got to Montfort, all incoming P1s were asked to sit in front of the hall together with their classmates. They queued up per class. Ira was one of the smallest, if not THE smallest. He was glancing at me to check if I was going to leave or not. I told him everything's going to be fine cause the teacher was there and he would meet new friends.

They were brought to their classrooms to get familiar with the room and to meet the rest of the class and their form teacher. Ira was paired with one of the biggest boys in class! I later found out that he was also a Filipino and lives near our place. They were away for a few hours while the parents were left in the hall for more serious business.

Ira on his way to the classroom with his new friends

with Kuya Kelvin and Lyle at the canteen after the orientation program

ok now he is a bit bored and tired. Good thing we were on our way home

So much for orientation day. He made friends. He met his form teacher. He is excited for next year. But not with the homework :)

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