Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ira's 2nd day in school (2011)

On his second day, waking up was still a breeze. He got up right away, ate his breakfast, took a bath and went down to wait for his school bus. Again, I went to school with Kelvin. Then checked up on Ira while he was queuing before the national anthem.

patiently waiting...

a bit bored

waiting for the  national anthem to start.
The boys should stand straight, hand on their backs.

quick glance just after the national anthem to see if I was still there

on to the classroom they go

he didn't have any problems at all. He adjusted quite well.

While he was in the classroom, I went on with my duty as parent volunteer, ushering the parents to the theaterette to attend another talk which ended just in time for the P1 recess.

Again, during recess, Ira went along with his buddy, asked for money to buy milo. After that, he went to the courtyard to play with friends.

just had recess 

playing around with his classmates

getting to know his friends thru play

From what I have observed, Ira enjoyed his first few days in P1. I hope he continues to enjoy school even when the homeworks come pouring in :)

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