Friday, December 12, 2014

Weekend Biking cum Picnic Adventure

For two weekends in a row our family went biking to Pasir Ris park in the late afternoon. We brought with us some snacks, our picnic mat and tent, dropped by Popeye's for take out dinner and cycled our way to the park.

Cycling is an activity that everyone of us enjoy. It's also a good form of exercise. Since it's already the school holidays, Kelvin doesn't have his Saturday catechism classes and we can go for this weekend biking trips. Ira always looks forward to these weekend trips because he could play in the sand also play football.

And here he was two week ago, building sand castles

Two weeks ago, we cycled to Pasir Ris park taking a different route and ended up on the area just before the connecting bridge. We decided we camp here for the day for a change. This was the "no overnight camping" zone. We pitched our tent while Ira made his way to the sand.
 The boys played football when Ira was done building sand castles while Mark and I watched them from the tent.

this was our early dinner treat - our favorite Popeyes take away chicken

Last week, it was low tide when we arrived at Pasir Ris Park. We were back to our usual location, closer to the kelongs and picnic areas. While I fixed the picnic mat, Mark and Ira went for a walk by the shore to look for hermit crabs and seaweeds.

Kelvin and I settled in our picnic mat. I told him because there was a cool breeze it was better to stay "outdoors" and reserve the tent in case it drizzles. But they insisted we put the tent up so I let the three of them do it.

These were my boys doing the legwork all by themselves. No help from mommy at all. Ira was holding the pegs and made a musical instrument out of them, hitting them rhythmically as dad and Kelvin were fixing the tent. 

When the tent was up and we were settled inside, it was football time. At first it was only Kelvin and Ira playing. After a few minutes, Ira came to the tent to ask his dad to join them for a bigger challenge. I was the spectator/photographer for my soccer boys. Ira was very competitive and tackled his dad as he tried to kick the ball to the goal.


From my shots above you could see the sun setting behind them by the trees. That was the sign for a half-time break. Off they were to the wash rooms to get cleaned up in time for dinner.
Although we didn't have the sunset on this side, we did see the moon. A giant moon, that is, as it slowly moved up and disappeared into the clouds. I was lucky to get two shots of it in the clear.

What an afternoon of laid back fun it was for the family. Who knows, we may go back to Pasir Ris park again this Saturday afternoon.....

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