Saturday, January 3, 2015

Garden in a Bottle

Starting the year with an activity close to his heart, our young naturalist participated in an activity called “Garden in a Bottle”.

It was a prize-giving event hosted by actor Bryan Wong and there was a drum performance and several free goodies and activities. We were on our way home after having dinner when we were sidetracked by the sound of the drums. Three drummers were performing lively on stage. We decided to watch the whole performance and were impressed by how good they were.  The youngest of the three drummers was very much into his performance that we could actually feel his energy on stage.

After the performance, Ira spotted the popcorn machine and asked if he could have one. We checked out what was required to avail of the free popcorn and they only needed receipts worth $3 from any of the shops at Rivervale Plaza. Ira asked if we had any valid receipts and, luckily, I kept my receipts from previous days’ purchases.

On our way to the popcorn stall we saw several other stalls with other goodies and DIY activities – macarons, DIY bracelets, color-your-own coin banks and garden in a bottle. I asked if he wanted anything else aside from popcorn since I had several receipts in hand. Of course, he chose the DIY garden in a bottle. We were given a box with a bottle and cork topper and were asked to choose three items from the accessories box. Then we were instructed to go inside the venue where someone would teach us how to do it. Ira was so eager to get his hands to work.
First, he had to put some of the small rocks into the bottle. Then he put enough soil to hold the plant and dug two small holes where he planted his chosen plants. He picked spots for the three accessories he chose (squirrel, mushroom and ladybird) and placed them carefully in the bottle using tweezers. 
 Voila! He’s done with his first garden in a bottle project.  

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