Monday, January 19, 2015

2015: A Year of Celebrations

Don’t we all want to have good stories written in our book of life? I sure want that for me and my family. As 2015 is a momentous year for Singapore commemorating its 50th national day, there are several activities lined up leading to the month of August when the grand celebration will happen. This year also marks a number of special anniversaries and special events close to our heart.

First on my list of special events is the visit of Pope Francis to my home country, the Philippines. Even in his short stay in the Philippines, he has touched many lives not only of the people who personally saw him or heard his mass but even for people like me who are miles away. Seeing him on tv, hearing him speak, and reading transcripts of his sermon/speeches gave me goosebumps. Talking about it with my friends moved me to tears. His words served as reminders to me of how life should be lived – with love, patience, humility and faith – not expecting anything but doing things with pure love. Everything should really start from within.

As Singapore celebrates its 50th, our family looks back to 15 wonderful years in the country and 10 blessed years living and raising our family in our own home away from home. We also look forward to our 15th year of wedded bliss and my husband’s 40th. Then there are the birthday celebrations, friendship anniversaries, gatherings, school events and a whole lot more.

In line with SG50 celebrations, I would like to remember (and honor) the people, places, food and life events which made Singapore our home away from home for the past decade and a half. It’s like going through the pages of our 365-page book for the past 15 years – what a journey that had been for us.

This will be a year of reminiscing and thanksgiving, and of aspiring for more blessed years with family and friends. Who knows, maybe some of you even share the same favorite food or memorable place or meaningful event with me. Let me see if I can make it to 50 memorable people, places, food, things.

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