Friday, February 4, 2011

Old memories, Old toys

Our scheduled trip to the Children Little Museum was finally put into action. We took a bus going to Kampong Glam and walked to Arab Street where a very small shop lead to the toy museum on the second floor.

on the first floor
Kelvin point to the brand of this very old refrigerator - KELVINATOR.

it's still working!

some displays of old robots made of tin

admission to the toy museum on the 2nd floor is $2 per person.
We've already got the tickets. Hopefully it's worth it!

It was not a really big museum of toys. There were some glass cabinets showcasing old toys and memoirs from way back 1950s. There were old school report cards and health books.

this one's an old barber shop chair and salon thing.

Ira checking out what's on sale at Ah Seng Toy store. 

a wooden sword

getting thirsty? You might want to try some cool drinks at this old drinks stall. 
They even have very all coke bottles!

toys galore from the olden days in Singapore

Ira enjoyed this car track even more. 
Displayed on the walls are the owners baby pictures and some of their formula milk and bottle (made of glass!).

the book shop - with old pencils, erasers, sharpeners and some magazines

go cart anyone?

resting for a while

old army plane with soldiers parachuting down

rocking horse on the wall

a different kind of stroller/walker

Ira leaving his mark. Writing something in the guestbook.

piles of guestbooks dated back several years

this isn't working

Ira loves binoculars

So much for our trip down Singapore's memory lane (in terms of toys). This wasn't the biggest and most collection of toys we've seen. But it also amused the kids. They also offer old toys in the shop.

40 Kandahar Street Singapore 198895 (near arab street)

Opening hours: 
Monday - Friday 11am-830pm
Saturday-Sunday 11am-6pm

Admission fee: $2

Contact person:
Allan 8196-0138
Janet 9379-1614 (please take note as of March 2012, she is no longer in connection with the Toy Museum)


  1. Good day,

    Please kindly remove the Contact Person "Janet: 93791614" as it is no longer Valid. Thanks!

    For others reading this post, please DO NOT contact JANET as I am not involved in the Little Children Museum. I was just one of the instructor conducting workshop there before. I DO NOT WORK FOR NOR REPRESENT this museum. Thus, please DO NOT contact me.

    Thank You.

  2. Thanks, Janet, for the update. Noted. Will indicate that in my revision of the blog.

  3. hie there, is allan at contactable range?

  4. Hi Moses, as per publishing of blog, he was still contactable. Kindly try to call the number and check again.


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