Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Secrets of a top-scoring student.... SECRET 3


Before lessons
  • Content preparation - lesson material is anticipated beforehand
    • one of the most crucial step to be taken before each lesson
    • lays foundation for understanding
  • Plan your day - setting agendas
    • draw up weekly timetable
    • to-do list
At School
  • Punctuality and regular attendance
  • note-taking - a useful recall technique
    • recording of the key concepts covered in the lesson
    • when you revise your notes, you will be able to recall important points and from there, explore the finer details within the textbook
  • Ask questions - allows you to speak up in class
    • a way to make you understand the concepts and a chance to clarify any doubts you have
    • consider different scenarios
Setting goals
  • set realistic goals - well within your skills and abilities
  • set a time frame
  • flexibility is needed when results show that the goals are too far from the reality and that the goals need to change accordingly
  • should be very easy to understand
After class
  • review your notes - highlight the important points to take note of
    • list the points which you do not understand on a separate piece of paper, to be dealt with at the next meeting with the teacher

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