Friday, December 11, 2009

Dream Job of my 10-year-old

Yesterday, we received the Kumon 2010 diary/calendar from the mail. We actually called up Kumon for this promo/giveaway which we saw on the newspaper before we went for our 2-week holiday. He filled it up rightaway as he was sooo excited to get one.

In the "Happy Diary" cum calendar there was a page titled MY DREAM. And he wrote, "I want to be a soldier and defend my country". Kelvin has always wanted to become a soldier. Maybe it was because he was playing counter strike at an early age (i know, a bit of bad parenting in a way).  But he knows that soldiers fight bad people and will protect citizens of his country.

I asked him which country it is he was going to defend. He said Singapore. I asked if he was sure. Why not Philippines? He said because we live here.We are not Singaporeans so other people might have a negative reaction to this. But I think he has a point somehow.

We have been living in Singapore for almost 10 years now. He has grown up with mostly Singaporean classmates and neighbors. He treats Singapore as his home country because this is where he is now. Singapore is where his family is and where his friends are. Although he knows that he is from the Philippines and he has families and relatives there, Singapore is his NOW. So I guess everything that he is planning for is related to him living in Singapore.

No matter what he decides to do with his life in his future, we will be there to support him. But we will also remind him where his roots are.

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