Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bo Sanchez

I have been subscribing to Bo Sanchez's Soulfood emails for almost a month now. I heard about him only about a year ago, from friends, from their postings in facebook. His quotes and advice are quite interesting, inspiring and I guess, straight to the point. It applies to real life - at least that is what I can say based on my reads.

I like his website and the things he is writing about and sharing with other people. From his webpage, he said:

My dear friend, I prophesy to you…
  • Spiritually, you’ll grow closer to God.
  • Financially, you’ll grow towards freedom and abundance and generosity.
  • Physically, you’ll grow healthier and happier.
  • Emotionally, you’ll grow more peaceful and joyful.
  • Relationally, you’ll grow in love.
That’s my dream for you.
More than a dream, this is my prayer for you.
Major Topics To Make You Grow
You will be inspired. And you will be taught the steps to change and grow in every area of your life. “Practical” means it’s going to be down-to-earth. It’s action-oriented. Yes, I will tell you to get off your butt and change your life.
Here are the topics I’ll be tackling…

  • Family Life: How to strengthen your marriage and raise your kids
  • Wealth/Money: How to reach financial freedom, get out of debt, save, invest
  • Dreams: How to set your goals and have the passion to achieve them
  • Spiritual Growth: How you can grow closer to God, deepen in prayer, etc.
  • Single Life: How to find your one true love and prepare for marriage
  • Time Management: How to accomplish much more and still achieve balance
  • Simplify Your Life: How to live simply and abundantly, celebrate what you have
  • Inner Healing: How to be healed from inner wounds, let go of the past
  • Service: How to grow your community, ministry, service for God
  • Personal Stories: A collection of stories I wrote that have touched many lives

I am looking forward to making my 2011 happier and more prosperous with the help of his wonderful stories and doable advice/suggestions. And, of course, the faith in myself that I can make the changes to live a happier, healthier and peaceful life.
I will also be sharing bits and pieces of his Soulfood emails in my blog.

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