Wednesday, January 12, 2011

P5 level camp 2011 - Day 1

The day has finally arrived. Kelvin will be spending 3 days and 2 nights away from home. He is probably excited, a bit worried but definitely looking forward to having fun with his friends. 

Yesterday, we prepared all of his stuff to bring to camp. It was quite a long list. And there were things that I needed to buy on the last minute. But we were able to complete the list just in time. 

We got him a new sleeping bag. I asked him to practice keeping it (as advised by Ate Malou) cause the usual problem is that the bag won't fit into the sleeping bag bag anymore!

rolling in the sleeping bag

tuck it in as much as you can

squeeze it in the bag

and, voila! It's done.

preparing things from his list
Checked once... twice... three times to be sure!

finished putting everything (almost) in ziplocs as advised by form teacher, Ms Tay

When the packing was done, I helped him put everything in the bag to see if the things would fit. They did, but he couldn't carry the bag anymore! So we had to repack them into 2 bags - one is the big red bag, another is the day bag which he will be using during the days at the camp. 

During bed time, we talked to him about how he feels about going to the camp. I told him that he is going to enjoy it and he will learn a lot from it. And in case he misses us, he just needs to pray at night and everything will be ok. Of course, there's the advise of doing his best and having fun in all the activities. And the "be carefuls" and "always keep your stuff". He said he'd be fine but requested that I bring him to school. 

ready to go to camp

From today till Friday, we will just have to check the mjsp5camp blog for updates on happenings at the camp.

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