Thursday, April 19, 2012

Secrets of a Top-Scoring Student

I've come across this book while browsing in the library. I found it helpful specially now that Kelvin is on his way to taking the PSLE (hope it's not too late) and Ira is just in Primary 2. Although I've taught them somehow of the basic techniques in studying which are almost the same as those stated in the book, I think it's still better for Kelvin to be able to read the book and know for himself that students really do use these techniques and succeed in getting high scores. 

It's not a book of overnight tricks to becoming a genius but gives several tips ("secrets") that will guide students into getting the score they want to achieve.

I'll be tackling the secrets one by one in the following blogs: 

Secret 6: Stay healthy

I will be using notes I've taken down while reading the book. So for those who are not into reading the book from cover to cover, my blog is a good way of getting just the summary of the book, in bullet points! Saves you time but gives you the important points.

If you are a parent like me, you have probably read gazillions of books like this. The tips are almost the same for most of the books, but this book was specifically written by a student himself who has struggled in the early years of his education then was able to turn his life around by changing his ways, in the Singapore education system. It just shows that students need not be born geniuses to get great scores in exams.

Hope it helps to refresh our memories about how we could help our kids get the marks they  want and deserve.

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